Welcome to Ruapehu Alpine Alpacas


If you are new to the world of Alpacas, this is a good place to pause, browse and learn.


We here at Ruapehu Alpine Alpacas are also relatively new and fresh to the world of Alpacas. Our recent journey is likely to be very much your present path. So much to learn, so exciting but such a variety of opinion. Who to believe and trust?


Our long term mission is to strive to breed, at some time in the future, champion coloured Huacaya Alpacas.


In the meantime, notwithstanding  we are reasonably new to the industry we are serious about our participation, We are not selling any animals yet and will not be doing so for some time to come, so we are not looking at you as a potential customer.


What we have to offer is our experience so far. The people, the industry, the animals, the on-farm experience etc. It is fresh in our minds and we are very willing to share it. We can provide you with with some fast track info. There is no charge, its free and clean. Take a look and enjoy.  Call us if you have any questions.







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